Sunday, April 25, 2010

The First Post

It snew.
It's April 25, and it snew. Again. It seems like a great day to start a blog.
It wouldn't be so bad -- the snow, I mean -- except that yesterday we were all sitting outside (in the afternoon) drinking sangria and eating burgers and pretending it was summer, in the way Saskatchewan people do.
It was a great party, actually...many old friends, all of whom I like, catching up on news and job stress and family stories. Some people, like us and like Karen, are renovating. The difference between us and Karen is that we HAVE to renovate; leaking roof, cracked concrete. Sigh. Karen is redoing her kitchen, although not without numerous challenges. I would still rather be redoing the kitchen.
But late snow after early summer is always a little hard to take. We did squeeze in the removal of the cracked concrete and the construction of new front steps before this latest round of poopy weather, which I regard as a bit of a coup. Round one of renos, done. I don't recall a spring quite this weird, though, where real heat is quickly followed by late winter cold, and then more heat, and more cold and more snow.
We're anxiously watching for the garlic bulbs to push out their little green pointy bits (when does this usually happen? we're garlic neophytes) and already have lilies of the valley. I hope they don't freeze. I hope I don't freeze. Parka's coming out for our weekly Sunday wander.

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