Sunday, June 27, 2010

He must be reading my blog

Is Stephen Harper reading my blog?
Weeks ago, I suggested that Speaker Peter Milliken would be a fantastic candidate for Governor General (or even prime minister). Now, it appears that Canada's longest serving speaker will not run in the next election, whenever that will be. Speculation is swirling that, indeed, the PM might name him GG in the very near future.
I'm feeling clairvoyant. Either that or I have much more influence on the decisions of the PM than I thought.
If he does select Mr. Milliken, Mr. Harper will make an excellent, and non-partisan decision.


One should blog regularly. Trouble is, we've been on the move the last few weeks and a bit overwhelmed.
First, we opened the cabin. Then, we were in Winnipeg for an important birthday (Mum turned 80!) The following weekend, we flew to Victoria for a wedding (congratulations Jan and Bart!) and while on the island, headed to Tofino for a couple of days.
The highway to Tofino is insane. Wild traffic most of the way to Port Alberni, then a spectacularly scenic but slightly terrifying winding way up and down a few mountains. But Tofino was everything Jan said it beautiful, so peaceful, so elemental.
We stayed at the Chesterman Beach B&B, and here is my unconditional testimonial for this charming, well-run, and delightfully small (three suite) establishment. Go there. But stay longer than two and a half days.
We'll be back.

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